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sean still remains lost, so does alot of my friends. im just feeling down because they cant be found on this side of the world or any side.


of course i’d have to review it again.


im done and at home, gonna watch transformers. 😉 yay yippee….

Ask me

im done with revision exercise! i only don’t know how to do chapter 6 questions, i think i should ask my lecturer how its done. Ask me for help! i mean ask him for help with chapter 6 questions. its really tough. but omg i was able to finish all my work in an hour. i have nothing to do now! i just have to get it printed and read and reread. that’s all! starbucks has been renovated it looks pretty smashibut its alittle foggy.  


glad my braids are off, my brains more relaxed now and im able to focus on studying better. its schillin cold here, i think its winter in asia, with the heaters on, i can’t wait for school to start and the next examination to be over, i can do this.

human genetics

i get so upset whenever i watch movies with humans turning into monsters, like doom it seems like its hopeless for humans to thrive and there’s so many intersections. what can’t be explained is it that they have a history of being evil? Or are we just replaced by monsters and zombies and aliens day in and out. What is the point of human birth then?


I don’t know if its the meds that im using but i certainly have been feeling lost over the last few days. Drifting in the asian oceans, waking up to unfamiliar territory, i don’t know why i can’t ever get used to living in asia, but alittle of things frighten me and i see nothing going right. Since the lecturer has let us out for the weekend to study for exams, my brains been too tired and frosted. i can’t figure out a next step to go from here, to leave, except going on a holiday to australia or america.My body’s reacting velhemly to the substances i think, or my parent’s just waking up in my body shouting at everything going by as if its an atrosophy. i miss home. it sucks to have been sent out here on missions.