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i’ve lived in countries all over europe and learnt their languages growing up and computer programming. i’ve always been stuck with textbook pages that read in english in computer programming. now im stuck. having lived in other zones where survival was most pertinent. i feel alittle strange sitting in class and attending school in asia. where the world works really differently from what i’ve imagined it to be. its technologically more advanced and we don’t really do schools in other cities and countries. and im wondering what’s so different and special about this time frame. will i be stuck here for another 9-10 years like the rest? ive been offered a job at the local 24 hour grocery and wonder if its what i should take up. i’ll be sitting there for 8 hours each time staring at the stall. i don’t know about this city its so strange, so asian so slow, and so redundant. class is over i’m going and im wondering if i should watch the dinosaur project and or do my work at home which im reluctant to do since the envvironment doesnt really support work at home. they make alot of noise and are always asleep and its really sleepy. i’ve got to study the textbook too. oh well today i’ve got to try the conversion questions and the armstrong questions at number 5. and im getting lunch at jacks. kudos.



language barrier

im starting to realize, i can’t and increasingly iaren’t able to understand english cause french is just coming out from my head. and other languages. perhaps my memory is coming back and im starting to speak in the first languages or last languages i was trained in. i can’t read the theory on computer science for nuts. need help….


sean still remains lost, so does alot of my friends. im just feeling down because they cant be found on this side of the world or any side.


of course i’d have to review it again.


im done and at home, gonna watch transformers. 😉 yay yippee….

Ask me

im done with revision exercise! i only don’t know how to do chapter 6 questions, i think i should ask my lecturer how its done. Ask me for help! i mean ask him for help with chapter 6 questions. its really tough. but omg i was able to finish all my work in an hour. i have nothing to do now! i just have to get it printed and read and reread. that’s all! starbucks has been renovated it looks pretty smashibut its alittle foggy.  


glad my braids are off, my brains more relaxed now and im able to focus on studying better. its schillin cold here, i think its winter in asia, with the heaters on, i can’t wait for school to start and the next examination to be over, i can do this.