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October 12, 2013

im up, ive been very constructive lately, i was just downloading songs from cascada and the veronicas, i was thinking how fine it sounded like songs i wrote before, and when i got into deciphering the music, this dawned on me: There was once a man, who didn’t know what he could do, he thought he was a great man and being erased with time, but until he reacted to it, and wrote songs, did things to prevent being gone, was he great. Because he’s somebody else he didn’t want to be. “created” and “done it”, he became a creator. faded disappear in the dark, slipping away as i disappear in the dark. Now whenever someone’s lights went out he was there to write a song. they even told him how he should wear his hair, or change his hair.he didn’t have concernts now but he was real artist playing in the minds of others nobody knew who he was but he dsiappeared in the dark, ‘im so far away from where i was at the start’. they tried to erase him till he wasn’t there, he had problems, but now his problems were gone and he was doing more in fact, in stead of just thinking of himself, he became the voice behind the world, representing its thoughts and things. he is popular man, but his path became narrow and he’s alone. and tired and saw alot of work to talk to people, but he was potentially facing problems around the world that wasn’t his side when he grew up, he became a shape for people to think. when they were lost, he was searching for his core.


*another thing i think i shouldnt bullshite to my foster parents about is that i can’t be a lawyer, cause im a doctor. and i should sit for med school exams again after high school exams.

*i should go to the navy cause thats where i can sail in the ocean and write music.

i see this doctor, so into the future and music, he brings it back to a civilization that has nothing, and he parties with his patients, and makes people up he shares a vision of a new year parties and goodwill. he may not be like them, but he sure would contribute, the whole hollywood is just his following. he’s the voice. its just like an angel had put music down on earth for everyone to listen to. in the city of angels. los angeles. a mind has to be accompanied by a person and a personality for it to be real.


*purchase latest beats and synth sounds and keyboards.

* a part of this peronsality is what you allowed and built in myself to accomodate to their demands, that i fall in line with e’s character, that is why it isn’t real, the younger lost one.


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