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how it feels like

October 10, 2013

so this is how it feels like to feel responsible to foster parents, wanting to stay at home and stick to them. i always thought sticking to people was being needy, i didn’t see it as someone feeling responsible for their feelings of responsibility to another person. im sick at home and all i wanna do is talk to my foster mother. she just gave me some leniency, let me slide on a job. and stay at home cause im not feeling too good about it right now. adjusting to my foster home. i didnt know adjusting to a new country would be this hard, its not like its america, or something. i can’t even tell my friends in america that im from america originally. but raised in russia. its so absurd. i want to do something, new movies out guys there’s lotsa good movies on now. i wanna catch all of them. i know i can be quite a movie buzz, but thats what i like to do with my time. i dont feel so bad now i finally dont have to go for a job interview for once and stay at home. i am quite aware ive been at home continuously all year, i think im making progress here adjusting.


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