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Wrestle in my mind


It’s a slight wrestle when I try to grasp chess and law strategies but my tuition friends say it’s hard to grasp but it takes time to learn it like mathematics I was wondering why they don’t jump to the hard book but everybody’s gotta know the basics. I keep growling at the idea growing in my mind, one Aussie lady questions me about my acceptance of other races I love dark skin people. I feel that their a lot like me. Into Hip. Hip leather and trading I love ❤️ and miss them a lot in America my Neighbours. I played with black kids growing up which helped me get a Harvard scholarship cause we were all poor. She says as a king we are the example to people in our actions I think it’s so true. A lot of kids saw me studying hard and working hard for…

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Breaking point


Every breaking point is a growth I realise that in my tooth growing all my molars are breaking but New bones are growing out. Like a new season for planning future life, I think I’m growing to become what i can be. Cause I can retain my law cert over here. My jaw is aching but I know deep in it’s roots are splinters of bones binding itself together like a spell to make me stronger. Such is maturity and moving on from Dexter alittle while not being here to support me. Ruoming frequently changes places a lot now every couple of days and I want him to know I ❤️ him very much even though he’s near he’s end very old and going to pass on and rest till millions and billions of years time.

Relationships takes time to build and maybe I’m ready to be hardy wood with…

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So I’m nervously waiting at the hospital wondering what the doctor will say at me admitting where I just recently came from, and what was my highest qualification and about my real Mother and Father. It’s all alittle Long ago but I just want the record to be correct. They’ve already searched my records and there is evidence. But I’m worried they’ll ask me hard tricky questions again.

Ok back from the Doctors she’s just worried I send her a lot of letters and confirmed I was alive in 1950s and just asked me why I have difficulty reading my law book I said I have to translate it from Russian and French. And she asked what sort of literature did I teach I said all kinds to kill a mockingbird, Julia’s Caesar, Romeo and Juliet and Macbeth.

The doctor over satellite is gonna help me with my application for…

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I’ve never had moody days before until I embarked on cases. I think I’m feeling moody period. After locking myself in my room and having coffee I was so 😑 bored. But cases have an effect on my mood. Sometimes I feel explosive angry and violent after thinking about a case it’s very uncertain. No idea why perhaps my idea of justice is very different from normal people and it’s processes in the court. Yes I’m happy Doing the cases, maybe it’s because I’m too much a rascal. I joined gangs beat up people flatten people with thugs and zombies. Maybe the vampire inside of me is unhappy. Maybe take blood is my solution instead of Suing Simeone. But people have been making me unhappy talking bad about my business especially about my vulnerability which is my lookalike. They keep targeting her and my weakness her law scores are poor…

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Today someone offered to teach me peer sharing on information technology whilst I was having coffee at coffee bean. I was very happy to oblige. I’ve been waiting for this opportunity university students teaching me what they learnt in school for a long period of time. What’s there better to learn than to learn it vocally and peer to peer. I love learning from people how things work. Why I learnt engineering and computer studies from Technicians who were happy to teach me the theory and practical model. After this old man had spoken to me three more people offered to teach me different skills. How to paint, how to design haircuts and business. I really hope they’ll return in future to help me out and I’m excited and touched people are willing to help me out cause I seem like a helpless bimbo. I’m Glad I dropped the assignments…

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Who says I can’t shoot


I’ve always been a great gunman and shooter I go hunting with my relatives when I was young we would fight for England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 and French freedom and American freedom but no matter how many bullets I bill to people I can’t keep myself safe and have a meaningful life.

Someone once said there’s only life when there’s death. Who the fuck are we to mess with the deathbed the almighty has made for us.

So I’m gonna make a lot of money and be an important law drafter.who gives a fuck? I’m gonna live cheap and learn how to safe money. Factually this is the only real civilian job I ever had besides being a soldier. Frankly I’m feel abit useless I should really train for a well paying job. But if all fails next time I could be a lawyer if god wills it.

Maybe I could take…

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When do u feel sorry for yourself


I wake up in the morning with no plans no goals no medals no awards no agenda and I start to feel sorry for myself that I’m a nobody nobody knows in a foreign land again

Morrie gives himself a good cry if he needs it then he concentrates on all the good things in his life.

It reminds me of my dreams being broken when Dexter isn’t around to wake me up and I look around but I still have my music recording crew and babies who care about me and lotsa people who want to join me even Uncle Clive amanda and Andrew and Mom and dad and grandma.

Life’s worth living cause I still haven’t showed baby how to finish composing and teaching him some law. 🙂 I’m so happy he reproduced and waited for me and the baby robots are back it’s heaven.

We play our…

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